Looking for topretails.co.uk?

Sadly a similar sounding website topretails (with an extra s) appears to have been fraudulently selling goods and the website has now disappeared. We have had many emails / phonecalls from concerned customers which is understandable but unfortunately we can't help as the website is not linked to us, Top Retail Ltd is our company name and we don't sell products on this site. We would advise contacting your bank asap and also contacting godaddy hosts as they hosted the site, for further info see the trustpilot reviews at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/topretails.co.uk

Unfortunately as a result we have decided to put up this splash page due to the amounts of calls / emails we were receiving. Our email is info@topretail.co.uk if you have queries related to purchases from our websites, not topretails.co.uk.